Embeding YouTube videos in post and pages

There is an easy way for you to embed YouTube videos in your WordPress sites.  Many people have sent in questions asking for help with iframes and embed codes but for YouTube and some other sources iframes and embed codes are not necessary.  All you need to do is simple copy the URL to the video you want and paste it into WordPress post. 

For example:



The great thing about this is that it will embed the video using the flash object method. The reason this is good is because YouTube recently decided to encrypt all of their sites traffic using SSL. This makes the embedding less desirable as it can cause issues on pages that do not use SSL encryption.

Tweet embedding not working

You many have come across some pages on the internet proclaiming how easy it is to embed individual tweets in your posts or pages.  Just to list a couple:

Unfortunately our version of WordPress has a bug that prevents it from properly communicating with the Twitter API. This issue should be resolved when we next upgrade WordPress.

Unless indicated otherwise we try to upgrade WordPress after each semester.