Resize Images Before Upload

Resize your images before they are uploaded to your website (server), no need to use image editing software. Drag+drop images from your digital camera to WordPress. This plugin works best in HTML5 compatible web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

If your web browser does not support HTML5 then this plugin will swap your image uploader runtime to the Adobe Flash version which makes sure the resize function works across more web browsers. The side effect to this is drag+drop will be disabled since this is not supported in Flash (everything works in HTML5 compatible browsers). If you experience issues or drag+drop is more important to you than resizing images then you can disable the Flash override in your settings -> media.

This plugin is managed in the admin panel and works in the background to resize your uploaded images.  Your end users may not even notice that their images are being resized and made web safe for them.

The settings can be adjusted on the Settings -> Media tab in the admin panel.

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