Simple Staff List

The Simple Staff List plugin allows you to build a staff directory for your website. You get an easy-to-use interface which allows you to edit the following fields for each staff member: Name, Photo, Position, Email, Phone Number, and Bio. There’s also a drag-and-drop interface to set the order of your staff members.

Joe Motacek : Web Developer

Name: Joe Motacek

Position: Web Developer


Phone: 2260


I’ve been a computer guy most of my life.

Since I was introduced to them when I was young I’ve been fascinated with their capabilities. I used to dream of becoming a game developer and someday making the next Final Fantasy (by the way FFVII is the best game of all time). These days I do web development for anyone and work with the following languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, .NET, ASP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3. I’m also a big fan of several libraries and frameworks that I frequently use in for application projects like jQuery, Bootstrap, the Fat Free Framework and Ruby on Rails. All of the website projects that I have control over use a CMS and I have developed sites with: WordPress, Joomla, Kentico and Drupal.

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