Submission Guidelines

Genre Missions


The Sheepshead Review poetry staff is looking for submissions with a honed edge—fresh and lucid content, palpable imagery, and an audible attention to sound. Cliché is your mortal enemy. We read free-verse to formal, and everything in between. And, don’t forget form can speak as much as your title, and your title as loud as your lines. Be bold. Be brilliant. Take risks. We look forward to reading your work.

As always these are blind submission, you will succeed on the merit of your lines.


We are looking for short memoirs, opinion pieces, narrative stories, interviews, profiles, subject pieces, eulogies, historical non-fiction narratives, and journals. We encourage narrative, stylistic, and substantive pieces that are unique, interesting, and creative. Remember to place quality over quantity.


We, the fiction staff, are looking for unique, well-crafted, pieces. This means everything is clearly explained and laid out. We are also prioritizing what we like to call the “perfect reader experience.” The reader should feel like they got something out of the story, and shouldn’t feel dragged by a story’s length. Keeping the story interesting is a must, while never losing control of reality unless intentionally unrealistic. A fitting ending never hurt anyone either. While traditionally rooted stories are a staple of our journal, our staff also appreciates the strange and unusual. This doesn’t mean we are looking for pieces with shock value; everything must be done in good taste.

Visual Arts

We are looking for work that shows quality craftsmanship, unique style, and expression of the artist. All mediums of visual art are welcome.

Please don’t send us an ear…

Other Business

General Information

Because we are a student-run publication, our reading periods are 1) September to December and 2) January to April. Stay connected with our social media pages or check our submit page often so you don’t miss our submission window!

Specific genre guidelines are listed above.

**If you are a student or alumnus of UW-Green Bay, please remove your name from your submission. If you are a current student please apply in the designated UWGB Student Categories.** (This helps us keep our “blind” submission review process as fair as possible.)

Thank you for your interest in Sheepshead Review!

Terms and Conditions

Sheepshead Review (SHR) retains the right to use any work published in Sheepshead Review on our website, and on any online presence (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or similar networking presence). In addition, SHR may use the work in any compilation that SHR may choose to republish. The work may also be used in SHR sponsored readings, commercials on campus radio and television, in campus newspapers, and in advertising for SHR, and for other purposes that SHR deems necessary.

Other than as stated in the preceding paragraph, the author of the work retains the right to publish their work as they choose. Visual artists please note: SHR does not alter the visual arts submissions we receive. This includes cropping, color adjustment, increasing resolution, or fixing lighting problems. Any submissions we receive that have these problems will likely be rejected. Please keep this in mind when sending us your submissions. If you need assistance in this area, please send an email to us and we can try to assist.


There is a limit of five pieces per person per genre. The name of the author or artist is not to appear anywhere on the work. Visual arts submissions are final. Any picture or scanned item should be as large as possible. Minimum dimensions should be 5″x7″ and 300 dpi resolution. Title of Work and File Name must be under 40 characters. Valid file formats are: .txt, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .tiff, .pdf.

Note: all visual arts submissions are viewed digitally.

Curious about what we are looking for in each genre? Read our Submission guidelines above for more information on each genre. Please forward any questions, comments or suggestions you may have to Attn: Editor-in-chief.

**If you are a student or alumnus of UW-Green Bay, please remove your name from your submission.**