The History of CATL

In 2008 the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) was officially formed. CATL was established in response to a recommendation made by the Task Force on Teaching Evaluation in fall 1998, a Faculty Development Council proposal submitted to the Academic Affairs Team in spring 1999, the recommendation of the Comprehensive Academic Program Review Task Force in fall 2006, and the receipt of initial funding to support the Center through the UW-Green Bay Growth Initiative. 

Our name was changed at that time from the Faculty Development Center to CATL through a decision of the Instructional Development Council due to concerns about implications of the original name.  The new language stresses that the mission of the Center is to support all teaching staff and not only those on tenure track, and that it reflects the scope of the mission as support particular to teaching.

The mission of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is to provide opportunities, resources and supportive communities to foster exemplary teaching, curricular innovation and professional development of the faculty.

The mission of CATL is to foster faculty professional development, teaching improvement and curricular innovation by:

1.     Administering institutional grant programs that support innovation and experimentation in teaching and the teaching and learning needs of diverse student and instructor populations.

2.     Arranging professional development opportunities for faculty and teaching academic staff that focus on teaching and learning.

3.     Promoting the value of the scholarship of teaching and learning as a form of research, written scholarship and other creative activity.

4.     Orienting new faculty to the University and offering them professional development opportunities that will promote outstanding and innovative teaching.

5.     Working cooperatively with the UW System Office of Professional and Instructional Development for the benefit of UW-Green Bay faculty and teaching academic staff.

6.     Administering programs that recognize and reward teaching excellence.

7.    Providing access to information related to teaching improvement and student learning.

CATL is a relatively young organization at UWGB. We have been working hard to provide readily accessible information, tips and suggestions for faculty and staff through our Blog, Facebook and the CATL Web site.

We are always looking for your contributions and input on how to improve CATL and better serve you! If you would like to write a piece for our Blog or Facebook page, please e-mail Sandy Folsom @!


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