Supporting and Growing UWGB Diversity

Yesterday, the American Intercultural Center hosted a multicultural community round-table discussion at UW-Green Bay. We had several members of the local community come in and share their thoughts on how UW-Green Bay can become more of a presence in our minority community.

From this meeting, we learned that ALL OF US as a campus community need to become more visible in our minority community. The panel shared with us what other institutions are doing in their outreach and it has far exceeded our efforts as an institution. There was also a constant mention about the silos which exist on campus and how they will get the same request from various entities on campus instead of one large request.

The community leaders agreed about the level of potential this campus has in boosting the enrollment of our minority population, but they were also very clear that this campus needs to make sure we do more outreach in the schools and the high school students need to see more students, faculty and staff of color on campus.

The final thing that came from this meeting is that this is not going to happen overnight and it will take some time and effort on both sides to work on this issue. We, as an institution, must be committed to becoming a more inclusive campus and make sure our current and future students have what they need to success academically, professionally and personally.

My hopes moving forward for the American Intercultural Center is to create a collaborative environment with other departments, faculty and staff on campus. This mission can not be done by one person or just one department. It will take the collaborative efforts of the entire campus to make UW-Green Bay and more inclusive and diverse place.

My job is to make us all aware of the issues and take input from everyone and work together to create a strong, doable solution. I am very hopeful that I can work with all faculty on this mission and that everyone feels comfortable reaching out to me to ensure the success of our underrepresented students at UW-Green Bay.

Mike CrumJustin Mallett,
Director,                                                   American Intercultural Center

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