URSCA: What’s the Big Idea?

Recently, in a blog post “Undergraduate Research Grants” I mentioned that Dan McCollum and I were awarded an Undergraduate Research and Discovery Grant that was offered through the UW System.  The grant proposal consisted of four key ideas that will positively impact both faculty and students that engage in the high impact practice of undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities (URSCA). For more information on URSCA visit the Council on Undergraduate Research.

The four key ideas include:

1) Currently available are Grants-In-Aid of Undergraduate Research that are specifically for the reimbursement of travel expenses related to undergraduate students’ attendance or presentation at professional conferences or workshops that will occur between January 1 and June 1, 2015.  Applications are due by 4:30pm on January 30, 2015, so be sure to touch base with any eligible students in the near future so they can apply for this grant opportunity!

2) CATL is planning a Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Institute here at UWGB for late May that will allow several departments on campus to consider ways which URSCA can be integrated into their curriculum.  The goal here is to increase the number of students engaged in high-quality collaborative research opportunities with faculty.  More to come on that soon!

3) We will be creating an informational database which will allow (1) faculty to post their URSCA opportunities and (2) students to search through available URSCA opportunities.  A great example of this from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is here.

We anticipate such a one-stop-shop for students interested in URSCA will increase the number of undergraduate students participating in research experiences, and will provide faculty with student researchers who otherwise they may not have come into contact.

4) In the works now is the development of an electronic platform for sharing URSCA abstracts, posters, art, audio, articles, etc.  Our hope is that this will enhance the visibility of URSCA within the academic and business community and that the easy to navigate system will be searchable by a variety of entries including keyword, topic, author, discipline, event (i.e., Posters in the Rotundaapplications for this Spring’s event are due by 10am on January 9, 2015, or the Academic Excellence Symposium).

We expect that these efforts will provide support and coordination focused on engaging students in funded faculty research opportunities resulting in enhanced educational experiences.

Joanne DolanJennifer Lanter, Ph. D
Human Development & Psychology,
CATL Director

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