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Have you ever thought about your course syllabi as a piece of scholarship that could introduced, assessed, and ultimately published in a peer-reviewed journal? Is your syllabus in compliance with highest professional standards? Does it have something to contribute to a national audience of educators? What steps would you need to complete to publish scholarship on curricular development in a journal dedicated to the systematic examination of course syllabi and assignments?

If you are interested in finding out answers to these and other related questions, consider reading and contributing to the Syllabus Journal.  The journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research articles dealing with the syllabi-related topics. Additionally, it provides analyzed examples of course syllabi and toolbox entries that present and assess the learning objectives and mechanics of various exciting assignments designed for specific courses.

Dedicated to sharing innovative, thoughtful approaches to course design, the Syllabus Journal uses the open access software Open Journal Systems to ensure all instructors or future instructors, regardless of institution, have access to our authors’ contributions. As a result, the Syllabus Journal has published pieces that have reached over 2000 readers.

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Co-edited by two faculty members from UWGB (Caroline Boswell and Katia Levintova), the Syllabus Journal is in its third year of circulation. We just published our first issue after a year and a half hiatus necessitated by the change of editors.  The next thematic issue (Winter/Spring 2015) will consider the exciting New Media field of video gaming and the use of video games in pedagogy!

Help us spread the word (#UWGBSJ) and consider submitting your own articles, toolbox entries and syllabi discussions. We are also always looking for reviewers of manuscripts. If you are interested, please visit us at the Syllabus Journal.


Katia LevintovaKatia Levintova,
Associate Professor,
Public & Environmental Affairs


Katia LevintovaCaroline Boswell,
Associate Professor,
Humanistic Studies

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