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You Don’t Know How To Read

“You don’t know how to read,” I’ve fantasized about saying to my students. Then, I realize that they would quite rightly be offended. Of course my students are literate: some of them are even very skilled readers. However, many of them lose this skill when reading theoretical or philosophical arguments. Beyond tried and true methods of insuring that reading “compliance” occurs (quizzes, online quizzes, literature circles,discussion…), I wanted to know how to help my students learn to read like a political theorist. Continue reading You Don’t Know How To Read

The Perfect Dates

So here’s the scenario…you’re teaching a course that has a dropbox folder assignment for each week of the semester. You last taught the course the previous year. The course structure has remained the same, and the dropbox portion is identical. The catch is that you had “end dates” for all the dropbox folders, and they all need to be updated to this year.

Bummer. Continue reading The Perfect Dates