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Throwback Thursday: 45th Earth Week

In celebration of the 45th anniversary of Earth Week….

In 1973, the first gardening efforts occurred on the UWGB campus. Barbara Rosenbaum, a student from Missouri, contacted the Office of Student Life wondering if there was a section of campus land that could be made available for a garden. Other students, faculty, and staff soon joined the efforts. Dick Christie, director of student life, made sure the gardening group received funding. Although the allocation was only $100, the group accomplished a great deal the first year.

The garden consisted of a half-acre lot and was divided into a communal section and individual areas. The small organic campus garden grew cabbage, beans, corn, radishes, lettuce, and other vegetables.

One of the organizers was Schellie Hensely, a senior from Illinois. He indicated the limited gardening funds were extended by using the leaf mold from a campus recycling project. Hensley stated the campus gardeners learned from organic gardening publications and members of the group who “grew up on a farm” as well as intuition.

The 1973 garden quickly became bigger in purpose with the campus fruit trees benefitting from the garden mulching and pruning; planned renovation of the greenhouse; and the creation of a library on organic gardening.

Fast forward to 2010 when the current SLO Food Alliance was established and a new campus garden began on the plaza of the University Union. As part of UWGB’s Earth Week celebration, this year’s garden will be planted on Thursday and Friday.

Pictured in the 1973 photo are Schellie Hensley (right) and Marcia Karras (left).


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Weidner Center for the Performing Arts

50 Best Shows of the Weidner Center

The Weidner Center of the Performing Arts has presented an astounding array of performances from Broadway to chamber orchestras to pop acts and numerous family events over its 20 plus years on the UW-Green Bay campus. In celebration of UW-Green Bay’s 50th Anniversary, listed below is a compilation of the 50 best shows to ever grace the Weidner Center’s stage.
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Throwback Thursday: Library


Happy National Library Week too!

The UWGB Cofrin Library was envisioned by Chancellor Weidner and the architects as the heart of the UWGB campus. Ground was broken for the present library building in 1970. Known at the time as the Library Learning Center, the building opened for use in February 1972. It was renamed in 1990 to honor a major campus donor, David A. Cofrin.

Prior to 1970 the Library had homes in downtown Green Bay in Schmitt’s Discount Store (located at 1276 Main Street) and the Instructional Resources (Services) Building, approximately where CIT and the General Access Lab is now located.

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Throwback Thursday: Lawton Gallery

Recently we were asked to provide a history of the Lawton Art Gallery at UWGB. We are sharing our findings with you.

When the College of Creative Communications (Theatre Hall and Studio Arts) buildings were dedicated in April 1974, space was allocated for an art gallery. The first exhibit featured paintings from the Milwaukee artist Mel Kishner. The gallery space was soon outgrown.

In July 1981, Chancellor Weidner announced a $50,000 donation by Randall and Catherine Lawton, from De Pere, for the purpose of remodeling existing gallery space. The new gallery was constructed over the summer of 1982.

10987647_1035929399769452_2142839612383471574_oThe first exhibit in the Lawton Art Gallery was entitled “Chicago Paper: Approaches to Handmade Paper.”

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Throwback Thursday: Phoenix Sports Center

Forty years ago, April 1975, marked the groundbreaking for the first physical education center for UWGB.

For approximately the first seven years of campus history, sports facilities at various locations in Green Bay were used. The planning for a new sports center did not come easy. Campus and state officials did not agree on the need for a physical education building.

Campus administrators sought approval from the state for construction of the Phoenix Sport Center which would provide a place for physical education instruction; indoor recreation; intramural programs; and intercollegiate athletics. The initial proposals called for a facility that would lead to the intercollegiate sports of gymnastics, water polo, handball, diving and swimming, and wrestling.

Eventually the request was approved by the state with a thirty percent budget reduction from the original proposal, which required modifying certain design elements.

Thirty years later, in 2005, the groundbreaking was held for the present Kress Events Center which was built around the Phoenix Sports Center, incorporating the original gym into the new design.

11012524_1031627176866341_6654751750210740684_n 11130198_1031627180199674_4905606708938737404_n

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Throwback Thursday: 2nd Gear

This weekend UWGB Student Life will be sponsoring the program, “Let’s Go Thriftin’.” The day will feature shopping adventures to all of the Green Bay thrift stores.

This reminded us of our very own thrift store, Second Gear. Second Gear opened in 1976 and was located in the concourse level of the UWGB Cofrin Library. It was considered very much a part of our EcoU philosophy.

Coordinated by the University League, students and staff could consign or donate items to be sold to others on campus. Shoppers at Second Gear would find clothing (dresses were only 25 cents!); books; toys and games; household goods; jewelry and more.

Most of the proceeds from sales were directed towards student scholarships sponsored by the University League. When the University League officially disbanded in 1999, Second Gear also closed its doors.


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Throwback Thursday: Studying on the Library Lawn – late 1970s

Beautiful weather on the UWGB campus has created spring fever for all. Let the outdoor studying begin!

These former students are studying on the hill near the UWGB Cofrin Library (then Library Learning Center). Photo is from the late 1970s.

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Alumni Office seeks stories of transformation

In observance of UW-Green Bay’s 50th year, the Alumni Relations Office is collecting stories of transformation with the goal of sharing 50 alumni-submitted stories in the special 50th Anniversary celebration edition of Inside Magazine. Alumni are asked to share how their time at UWGB transformed their lives. Submissions may also be found in the “Shared Stories” section of the 50th Anniversary site.

Share your UWGB transformation story here


Kari Moody
Director of Alumni Relations
(920) 465-2226

Fond memories from Malaysia

In August of 1983 I traveled from my native Malaysia to UWGB. It is the place where I grew up from a school boy to an adult. UWGB itself and its people might have changed and grown since I left, but it has been a part of my life. Many members of the faculty and staff had profound influence on me, and some I am still in contact with… Ron Baba, Ray Hutchison, Per Johnsen, Ismail Shariff, Kumar Kangayappan, Bill Niedzwiedz, David Damkoehler, and Johnson (Patricia). I am now an Urban and Regional Planning Associate Professor at the MARA University of Technology, one of the public universities in Malaysia.

My fondest memories came from his time at the International Student Center, at that time located on the seventh floor of the Cofrin Library. The center was headed by Elizabeth K. Hocking, the Assistant Dean of Students, and she was assisted by her secretary, Nancy Long. They were among the sweetest ladies I have ever met during my stay there. The center was our home away from home, away from home (twice). That’s the place we used to hang out between classes, for drinks and food. There were also the International Dinners, when we played host to our American friends. We cooked our traditional dishes, put on our traditional clothes and got to showcase our cultural dances and customs.”

My experience at UWGB has helped me in many ways. Being a student in a foreign land gave me a different perspective and appreciation about America and its people and cultures, apart from what I saw on TV when I was growing as a child in Malaysia. Although I studied about North American geography in high school, being there myself was amazing. I also got to meet and know some American families on Washington Island and Door County during a program arranged during the 1986 Easter Break. We became good friends and they became my foster families to this day. And then, there was the Green Bay weather and the Green Bay Packers. I played rugby at my school, so American football comes naturally for me.When I wasn’t in class or “LL730” (Library Learning Center), I spent time at the Phoenix Sports Center playing indoor soccer and swimming.

I invite anyone who knew me or my international student friend to join our facebook group… UWGB Alumni – Malaysia.

Ahmad Faisal Alias
Class of 1987
Urban Studies

Throwback Thursday: Spring ’70 Ban the Car Campaign

Throughout time, student activism has played a role on many university campuses, including Green Bay. In spring 1970, UWGB students led a “Ban the Car Campaign.”

This photo was donated by one of the student participants, Keith Pamperin (second from left).

UWGB Alums can you tell us more or identify any of the other people?

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